One Body - One Faith

St. Davids is a growing body of Christians excited about the work God has given us to do in his world. We’re excited about learning about God, we’re excited about telling people about Jesus, and we’re excited about worshiping Him together.

Our members love to be involved in our community. We are involved with several local charities and are always eager to lend a hand to our neighbors, coworkers and friends. As members of a worldwide Anglican Communion, we are also passionate about serving the global community through mission trips, supporting missionaries, and engaging in relationships that provide relief and restoration around the world.

our family

St. Davids loves families of all sizes and make ups. We have members across all of life’s seasons: from professionals fresh out of college to grandparents and everything in between. We celebrate the diversity of God’s family at St. Davids: we love to see friendships form across generations and life stations. We are dedicated to providing a strong foundation for God’s family and yours, so we work diligently to educate our children, teens, and adults.


Whatever life is putting you through, good times or bad, we know God loves you and wants you to be whole. Going through times of plenty and peace? Come help us share the Good News of Christ with the world. Having a tough time? Come let us minister to you. We know that salvation has freed us from the slavery of sin and death. We’re excited about telling others about this freedom and we’re showing people how this has changed our lives.